Why Wrestle? Practice Requirements & Updates

Edina Wrestling featured in the 2018 Winter EHS Sting Locker (pages 20-21)

Why Wrestle?

  • Size does not matter because you will compete against others of equal weight and size.
  • You will develop strength, power, balance, explosiveness, flexibility, and mental toughness, benefits that will carry over to other sports.
  • Wrestling combines the aspects of one on one competition without losing the importance of being a part of a team.
  • It’s safe because it is the only sport that takes place on a 1.5 inch thick, foam rubber mat.
  • 10 Reasons why kids should wrestle

Bring to every practice:

  • Water bottle
  • Wrestling Shoes (do not wear them outside)
  • Shorts & t-shirt (no pockets or zippers - practice wear should be clean)
  • Head & ear protection (can be ordered through Dicks Sporting Goods or Amazon)
  • Hand Sanitizer/ Sanitizer Wipes
  • Face Mask

Practice Expectations:

  • Be early to get your shoes on & water bottle filled.  Practice begins on time with warm-up.
  • Have FUN - but be focused so that you can learn.