Edina High School Activities Department Driver Release Form

In reference to Edina Public Schools Board Policy number 538 IV D:

Participants will be expected to ride district-sponsored transportation to and from away events, contests, and competitions. With approval by the organizer, a student may ride with a parent to or from an away event, contest, or competition. For a student to ride with a person other than a parent or guardian, a release form must be signed by the student and parent or guardian with the date and description of the event, and approved and signed by the organizer and activities director.

Complete this form and turn it into the Activities Office for approval BEFORE the event. Give the approved copy to the event organizer (coach, director, advisor, etc.).

Please note - this form is NOT necessary if a parent or guardian is driving his/her own student(s).

Driver Release Form.pdf, 116.71 KB; (Last Modified on August 24, 2018)