Get involved! Join district Go Green Committee

Posted by EPS Communications on 1/12/2017 2:00:00 PM

The district’s Go Green Committee is looking for more members – parents, students and teachers – to join them in making a difference in the schools and the environment. In the next year, the committee is looking to broaden its focus while sustaining the work already accomplished in recycling efforts around the district.


There is a volunteer Go Green Coordinator position available at each school, most of which are not currently filled. As part of each school’s PTO, the coordinator would help sustain the district’s accomplishments in the area of recycling, and be a member of the Go Green Committee helping to brainstorm and implement next areas of environmental focus.


Last year, the district was awarded a grant by Hennepin County to help the Go Green Committee develop the recycling program that is now in place at district schools. This fall, Megan Kooman, buildings and grounds specialist, and parent volunteer Winnie Martin, presented information about Edina Public Schools’ recycling program at a conference of the Recycling Association of Minnesota and the Solid Waste Association of North America. The information they shared made a big impression on the other school districts represented in the audience.


“They wanted our slide show, information about our recycling stations, they wanted to know how we got to this point and how we get the kids to participate,” Kooman said. “We are ahead of a lot of districts when it comes to recycling.”


While recycling efforts will continue, the committee is ready to tackle other environmental issues and hope to influence students to practice efficient energy use wherever they are. “The City of Edina has a goal to reduce its green house effect by 30 percent by the year 2025,” said Curt Johanson, buildings and grounds supervisor. “They’d like our help in getting kids involved at home.”


The district is making great strides in its own energy conservation efforts. Following mechanical improvements to buildings, three of the district’s elementary schools have been designated Energy Star ratings, with another one not far behind. Johanson said the Go Green Committee is a way to involve the greater school community. “Now that we are on the forefront of recycling,” he said, “We are looking at what other issues do we want to address? We’d like to have more involvement in the work we want to do.”


Learn more about the Go Green Advisory Committee on the district website. If you are interested in being a school site Go Green Coordinator or an ad hoc member of the Go Green Committee, contact Megan Kooman or the PTO chair at your school.