District Go Green committee promotes recycling the right way; America Recycles Day is Nov. 15

Posted by EPS Communications on 11/10/2015

recycling Most people try to recycle. The trick is doing it right. Knowing the meaning of the colored bins and what to throw in them makes for a successful recycling program. Edina Public Schools (EPS) wants to get everyone in the recycling habit and is about to make it easier to recycle correctly throughout the school day, anywhere in the district.


America Recycles Day is Nov. 15 and according to their website, the national recycling rate has increased every year for the past 30 years. The current recycling rate is 34.5 percent. The district’s Go Green committee hopes to improve on that statistic. According to Hennepin County, nearly 80 percent of school waste is recyclable or compostable.


The Go Green committee is a group of 30 students, staff, parents, community members and the district’s buildings and grounds personnel. Last year, the committee applied for and received a $22,000 grant from Hennepin County to support recycling efforts throughout the district. Cornelia Elementary students contributed a student-created skit about recycling that was videotaped and became an important part of the grant application. As the grant money becomes available, the committee is giving first priority to standardizing the look and availability of recycling at each building.


“Right now, the bins at some of the schools are not aligned with the standard colors used for recycling. And at some of the elementary schools, the set up is too tall for the younger kids,” said Curt Johanson, custodial supervisor for the buildings and grounds department. “Most people don’t realize that if you throw the wrong item in the wrong bin, that bin can no longer be recycled.


The group hopes to have new bins and standard recycling centers in every cafeteria over the next few months. Through the district’s partnerships with Hennepin County and the district’s hauler, Waste Management, additional educational material will be provided to staff, students and families with hopes that everyone will do their part.


Learn more about recycling by viewing this video, courtesy of Waste Management: Recycle Often, Recycle Right