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Minnehaha Music Symphony Concert:

"Romantic Travels" Symphony Concert

Minnehaha Music Repertory Orchestra is pleased to announce its upcoming symphony performance entitled "Romantic Travels" on January 20th, 2019 at 3pm at Normandale Lutheran Church in Edina.

The concert features the brilliant young violin soloist Archer Brown; a multiple competition winner, concertmaster of Minnesota Youth Symphonies after only three years of violin study.
Also featured is a rarely performed yet important and impressive symphony in the national romantic style by the Finnish composer Leevi Madetoja, written at the time of the first World War.  Come and hear this varied, romantic and uplifting program on January 20!  


About Minnehaha Music:

Minnehaha Music was founded in 2013 by Craig Randal Johnson and Hilary Santoni. Our mission is to cultivate a passion for great music by providing high quality experiences engaging both musicians and audiences. We are grateful for a partnership with the Edina Community Foundation. 

A repertory orchestra reads and rehearses music from the well-known orchestral literature, less performed works from the standard orchestral literature, as well as newly composed music. This format (more rehearsal sessions, fewer formal performances) affords the participant the opportunity to challenge and further develop her/his musical skill set, promote advanced musicianship, and broaden one’s knowledge of orchestral music. Generally we hold reading/rehearsal sessions every other Saturday morning at Edina High School.  

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