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PEIP Omada Program

By now, you’ve likely heard the buzz, seen the posters or perhaps even heard a success story from a peer about Omada. This exciting health benefit is offered at no cost to eligible employees and their adult family members who are enrolled in a PEIP medical plan.

 What is Omada?
Omada® connects the dots between knowing how to get healthy and actually doing it. It combines proven science and personal support to help you lose weight and reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 

 Here's how one participant describes the program: “Omada helped me understand the life changes a person needs to make to be more healthy, long term. Diets don't work because you go into them thinking about short term goals. This program teaches skills and new habits that you assume for the rest of your life, and offers support and coaching that reinforces temporary behaviors into new life habits.” -Bob G. 

 As a reminder, Omada includes:

  • A professional health coach to keep you on track
  • A wireless scale to monitor your progress
  • An interactive program that adapts to you
  • Weekly online lessons to educate and inspire
  • A group of participants for real-time support

Are you ready?

Join over 16,600 Minnesota residents who have already taken steps towards lasting change. Find out if you’re eligible today at

It only takes a few minutes and it can make an impact lasting a lifetime.