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A Job that Fills your Heart

Whether it’s an art project with tie dye, playing Dungeons & Dragons, or going on a field trip to a pool or park, the life of a Rec Leader for Kids Club is always exciting and changing with never a dull moment. Get to know some of our Rec Leaders and why they love what they do.

Joe Siddy: Joe has worked with Kids Club for almost ten years where he started as a volunteer when he was 14 and now is a Rec Leader at Cornelia Elementary.

Best Kids Club memories? Teaching kids new games and playing the games with the kids is always so fun. This year we had a group of boys who were really into sports and wanted to play sports, but we had this Dungeons & Dragons club and they all singed up for it and now they only want to play D&D and that’s been so awesome.

Why do you like working for Kids Club? I love working with kids and with this position you can plan whatever game you want to teach kids while still teaching life lessons and how to be good people. It’s the worlds best summer job and a great job during the school year. If you like kids, then there is nothing more fun.

Jenna Lapadula: This summer Jenna is working with the 6th grade group at Cornelia Elementary planning and doing projects from science projects, art projects, gym games, and anything fun and messy.

Best Kids Club memories? My favorite moments are when the kids get really excited about a big project, so one time we planned a relay race and maze and all the kids wore matching shirts, and they were just so excited to go through the maze. We also went to a wave pool recently and on the way back the kids started singing the Reese’s Puffs theme song and I just love it when kids are being kids.

Why do you like working for Kids Club? It’s a great job that’s both active and creative. You’re able to do fun activities with kids that just feels good for your soul. You feel like you are doing something that actually matters and making sure that your kids are having a fun and happy childhood.

Macayla Padamore: Macayla has been working with Kids Club since she was 15 and is a Rec Leader this summer at Cornelia Elementary.

Best Kids Club memories? We recently did tie-dye, and it was a huge success. I’ve been doing a lot of big messy art projects and it’s been so fun. You come home with a new story every day, whether it’s good or bad, and even on the bad days, you just laugh it off because they are just kids.

Why do you like working for Kids Club? Kids Club is a great program. We have lots of resources compared to other programs and can do so much with the kids. You get a lot of experience with people. You work with people from different cultures and can get a better understanding of how people live and building that tolerance that each family is different and does things differently.

Deanna Balvoa: Deanna is a Rec Leader for 1st graders at Creek Valley Elementary and plans a variety of activities for her kids.

Best Kids Club memories? I’ve been doing this for a year now and I just love being around kids. Getting to know them one on one and just planning activities for them and just feeding off their energy.

Why do you like working for Kids Club? I like working for Kids Club because these kids bring out the best of myself. I never would have imagined myself to be the one doing these activities but then I found out that I can do it and I can lead it and be successful. The kids love playing with adults whether its playing dress up or tag. You just have to have faith in yourself.

Quinn Kilanowski: Quinn is working at Creek Valley Elementary as a Rec Leader and is focusing on making fun and creative activities for the kids.

Best Kids Club memories? Some of my favorite moments have to be either the start or end of each season because at the beginning of each season, the kids are kind of shy and starting to get out of their shell and by the end of the season, they are completely different people have a lot to offer.

Why do you like working for Kids Club? I really like working with kids and there’s lots of personality with each one of these kids. There’s never a dull moment. If you like being goofy and acting like a kid and playing all day, then this is the perfect job for you.


Rec Leaders at Creek Valley Elementary

Rec Leaders at Cornelia Elementary