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The Enrichment Dream Team

If you or your family have ever taken an Edina Community Ed camp or course offering, you can bet that Kayla Maring and Annie Schilling have had a hand to play in it. Our fun and goofy yet prepared and professional enrichment team has been working together for the last year and a half, tirelessly working to bring offerings to our community.

Working for your community is a perfect opportunity to improve the lives of your neighbors and friends and Annie and Kayla have been longtime members of the Edina community. Annie is an Edina parent and volunteers for the City of Edina Heritage Preservation Commission and Kayla has been the Edina girl’s JV Track team for the last five years.

“Obviously Edina is our community and working for Community Ed just makes that connection even stronger,” Annie explains.

That connection results in stronger enrichment offerings with the goal of making this community a place for everyone from all backgrounds. While the hours are long and the work brings its own challenges, the team sees how impactful these camps and classes are for the community.

“I think our offerings give a sense of community and getting to know people. We really drive exploring your hobbies or finding out what your passions are,” Kayla explains. “We’re kind of the steppingstone into what they want to do overall, whether it’s just a hobby or maybe it helps them figure out what their career path is.”

Now imagine how much planning and work it takes to plan hundreds of camps for thousands of kids each summer. It takes months of meticulous planning to bring the most impactful offerings to the community. So, when the pandemic hit and most of society moved indoors, Kayla and Annie had to completely erase their summer schedule and start from scratch, not knowing when the next bump in the road would come.

“We planned the biggest summer offering ever for Community Ed and we put the catalog out and we had registrations coming in like gangbusters and then COVID hit so we literally erased all of that,” Annie says. “Kayla and I had to be really flexible and change on a moment’s notice to accommodate all the changes and updates.”

“I think the hardest part of this past year has been knowing that we can’t plan something even though our jobs require planning,” Kayla says. “We went from planning 8-10 months out to planning week to week.”

Even with their original plans in the trash and constant changes and updates, Kayla and Annie brought a full slate of summer offerings to the community. Despite the changing safety protocols and difficult situations for families and community members, the two could see that their offerings were impacting people and bringing positivity into the community.

“I think we’ve learned that even in the middle of a global pandemic, people still crave community,’ Annie says. “People want to be together doing things that are fun.”

Annie with her dog bubbles at Hot Diggity Dog summer camp

Kayla helping with track and field summer camp.