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Get to Know this Summer's Rec Leaders

With the school year ending, our summer programming ramps up with classes and camps being offered every week. This year we are happy to have 12 Rec Leaders this summer who come from Edina High School, college, and long time community members. All 12 are excited to start leading your children through camps and courses this summer from sports camps, music camps, art camps, and other creative and enriching offerings. Below you can meet each Rec Leader and learn why they are excited to be working this summer!


Rec Leader Matt HovelsrudMatt Hovelsrud - "I am working the sports camps and enrichment creative camps. I volunteered at a bunch of these camps for the last couple years and thought it would be fun to take more of a leadership role here."







Rec Leader Oliver LeupoldOliver Leupold - "I love being with kids and giving back to the community. I will be working the biking, flag football, backyard games, and ultimate frisbee camps."







Rec Leader Garrett AndersonGarrett Anderson - "I've spent some time working with kids in the past and I really enjoyed it, so I wanted to continue that work at the camps this summer.  I'll be a rec leader leading soccer, flag football, clay, school yard games and slime camp."







Rec Leader Olivia MagnusonOlivia Magnuson - "I am going to school to work as an early childhood special education teacher, so I am getting all the practice that I can get. I am working in most of the unified camps this summer."







Rec Leader Eli LeupoldEli Leupold - "I hope to get more experience for my communications studies degree and also to help kids have a great summer, as I'll be a rec leader and communications assistant."







Rec Leader Priscilla HagermanPriscilla Hagerman - "I just think that working kids is a really rewarding experience."








Rec Leader Jayda MartellJayda Martell - "I'm at Bethel University as an elementary education major and I'm just hanging out with kids for the summer."








Rec Leader Jason Van HoutenJason Van Houten - "We're just out here having fun with kids and being outside and staying active."








Rec Leader Amelia TorgersonAmelia Torgerson - "I study developmental psychology and I love working with kids."








Rec Leader Betsy MadsonBetsy Madson - "This is my 27th year working for Edina schools and I'm here because I love kids. I'm working slime time, spy camp, hot diggity dog reading, and paint camp."