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Leadership Workshop: For Students, By Students

A Dr. Seuss book, phone, notepad and ruler sit on a table in front of a student holding a pencil “We are excited to share our experiences with younger students through this program. There is nothing more inspiring than planting a seed and watching it grow.” Helen Schilling is one of several members of the Edina High School (EHS) Student Council who will be leading an online leadership workshop for Edina’s middle school students in December, and she’s excited to help shape the next generation of student leaders in our community. “The council understands how difficult it can be for younger students to take initiative and be a good role model,” she adds. Real-world examples, guided brainstorming, and engaging games are all part of the plan for younger students to learn from older students and explore what it means to be a student leader.

Edina Community Ed has been partnering with a variety of students and organizations at EHS to develop more student-led programming for our community. The EHS Student Council responded to the invitation and did some brainstorming. The group determined that it would be the most impactful if the Council, a leadership group, helped teach about leadership. A smaller project group developed the workshop from there. Skills they have honed as members of the council served them well on this project. “Members of the Council can all agree that our Student Council Advisors have really helped guide us in becoming strong leaders,” says Schilling. “Ms. Luck and Ms. Caster, our advisors, have helped us all work on taking the lead in big projects and working with us through the process. We have learned how to be confident and communicative leaders through these big projects and group efforts.”

The EHS Student Council will be donating the revenue they earn from leading this workshop to the Edina Ed Fund for the Edina MealFund.

The workshop will take place after school on Wednesdays beginning December 2. Learn more and register here: