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The Benefits of ECFE

Moms sitting in a conference room for ECFE Class  For new or experienced parents, raising a kid can be overwhelming, no matter what stage you’re in. “Parenting is work,” says Parent Educator Sarah Hardy. “It's worthy of time, care, attention, and appreciation.” Moms and dads are under enough pressure with juggling work, a social life, and family. That’s why our ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) programming provides classes for parents of children of all ages. 

Our ECFE classes are provided for parents of young kids. Some popular classes that are available include: Toddler Togetherness: Toddler and Parent Non-Separating, Baby & Me: Saturdays (Birth - 12 months), and Book Study: How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen. For parents with children past infancy, we offer Beyond ECFE classes that address the trials and learning experiences young boys and girls will face. Classes include Girls and Friendships in Elementary School, Book Study: Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions Into Adulthood, and Parenting Boys. Our ECFE programming gives a variety of classes for many developmental stages in children. 

Regarding the benefits of these classes, Hardy explains that “parent educators are able to convey the latest research ideas, tips, and tricks on how to do the work of parenting well.” She mentions that it’s not easy to keep up with certain demands “in terms of what kids and parents are asked to be aware of, in regards to technology, and the rising pressure of test and academic achievement.” Classes like ours help parents learn how to support their kids emotionally and physically from infancy to the time they become adults. 

ECFE and Beyond ECFE classes give moms, dads and caregivers the opportunity to share stories and experiences, which builds community and creates a deep sense of belonging. Join us! 


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