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Summer STEM Camps

Boy building battle robot for STEM camp  The sounds of excited screams filled the air as kids blew balloons up with pumps, then let them go as they laughed and crafted their own rockets. Learning about the properties of aerodynamics and velocity helped students come up with ideas for their own designs. 

Throughout the summer, our youth enrichment programming at Creek Valley Elementary has been offering hands-on learning for students interested in STEM. Camps like the Best Ever Rocket Launch (Gr. 2-5) and Jr. Engineer: Battle Bots (Gr. 1-4) have given young engineers the tools they need to learn about different mechanics. 

In the Best Ever Rocket Launch, students had a blast learning about rocketry and applying their knowledge to create and launch homemade rockets. Later that day, students in Battle Bots spent the afternoon designing and building their ideal robots. From the hundreds of LEGOS to choose from when constructing, students let their imaginations take over. With using technic pieces and moving parts, the teams of students had plenty of options to make their bots intricate and intimidating to opponents. 

From Youth Enrichment Manager Lori Murphy, “Summer camps that emphasize STEM curriculum is a fun and non-threatening way for kids to explore the concepts of science, technology, engineering and math. We use lots of hands on activities to engage kids and spark some passion for new fields of study.  When we create an atmosphere of creativity and friendship in a camp, you see kids relax and begin to enjoy and really absorb the learning they are experiencing.” 

Hands-on learning through STEM camps introduces interactive lessons from diverse engineering disciplines. Students can practice skills such as problem solving, team building, and critical thinking to enhance confidence in school. In the fall, each elementary school offers a STEM Club for youth to participate in after school. 

Fall registrations opens Thursday, August 1! To view the fall 2019 catalog, visit: