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Parenting Superpowers Exist

Parents at table talking.

Do you want to know a superpower waiting for you in Edina? It’s the Edina Early Learning Center’s “Beyond ECFE” (or PARENT-ONLY) parenting and caregivers classes. From potty training to puberty, participants gain new parenting skills and make friendships as their child grows us.

“It's a privilege for me to witness parents supporting one another in the joys and challenges of parenting children,” says Joy Walker, ELC parent educator. “Each time the group comes together, someone hears a new idea, or finds reassurance that everyone else is dealing with the same challenge, and offers their own wisdom and insight, as well. It's powerful to hear that encouragement from one another!”

Led by a licensed parent educator at the ELC, parenting classes meet once a month and are offered at a variety of times and days. Whether you have an infant or a teenager, parenting classes can be a parent’s superhero secret weapon.

Need proof? Read this.

“It is humbling and rewarding to be regularly welcomed into a family’s joys and concerns,” says Sarah Hardy, ELC parent educator. “Each family is unique, and so the puzzles never grow old."

Ready for your cape? It’s waiting for you. Registration for ECFE/Parenting Only Classes for the 2019-20 school year opened this week.