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8th Grade Latin Students Learn Fencing

Fencing instructor reaching teenagers in a gym.

How do you make learning about gladiators in Latin class relevant in today's world? A live fencing demonstration provided by a bronze medal winning Olympic Coach (London, 2012) and a current women's national champion, of course!

Mary Howe's 8th grade Latin students were treated to a presentation featuring Roberto "Ro" Sobalvarro, Head Coach and Owner of Twin Cities Fencing Club and Azaline Dunlap-Smith, currently Division 1A Women's Epee title holder.

 Roberto and Azaline spent time demonstrating all three weapons (foil, saber, and epee), gear, point systems and proper offensive and defensive stances. Students learned that although fencing is a physical sport, it also requires an incredible level of mental acuity and agility to be successful. Fencing has been equated to a quick paced, high intensity game of chess on your feet. Gladiators may be a thing of the past, but fencing is growing in popularity and offers a way for people of all ages to stay physically and mentally sharp...even if the weapons no longer are.

 If you know a child (grades 2nd-12th) who may be interested in trying fencing for themselves, click here for spring and summer options! Roberto has trained the instructors and written curriculum for the camps we offer through Edina Community Education.