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District Employees Volunteer Time and Expertise

BeinCareer g an accountant means much more than crunching numbers, and that is exactly what Edina Public Schools' Accounting Specialist, Heidi Savatdy, showed high school students earlier this winter. Savatdy visited Annie Thole's EHS Options class as part of a career exploration presentation series that Thole holds each year for her students.

During her accounting presentation, Savatdy explained how the Business Services department works with all programs within the district to streamline their services and ensure budgets are on track. Heidi also challenged the students with a team building exercise. Given little direction, they were asked to complete a group task. After discussing what they did, students were then asked to complete the task again. This illustrated to students that when something is done once, it gets easier to do and everyone becomes more efficient at their job.
So far this school year, there are 24 district staff who are taking time out of their busy schedules to support Edina's classrooms. Along with Savatdy, there are 6 additional district staff who volunteer by presenting to classes through the Curriculum Resources Program (CRP), and 17 staff members who volunteer in grades pre-K through 12 on a weekly basis.