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Setting Sail for Science

pre-K stem

The kids were quick to check in, put on their safety vests and get to “work.” Earlier this fall, the preschoolers in Kimberly Gallant’s Exploring the World Through STEM class worked together to build their very own pirate ship. Students began the project by learning about and experimenting with the various building materials. Then using the ship’s blueprints, they started on the construction. The entire project came with some exciting enrichment opportunities.

“The little engineers set to work approaching their task by creatively planning, problem solving, discussing, collaborating, and finally executing the assembly of their pirate ship,” said their teacher, Kimberly Gallant. “They gained experience with aspects of both mechanical and structural engineering, and working together they successfully completed their task.”

After two weeks of engineering, the students finished their project. To celebrate their accomplishment, they invited their parents to attend a “Pirate Day.” After their morning check-in, the kids boarded their ship for some photos and then set sail for science.

They spent the rest of that afternoon learning about transpiration, cohesion and adhesion. Students dyed the petals of white roses to make “Pirate Roses,” worked together to pass energy and make a light turn on, experimented with baking soda and vinegar to create an erupting pumpkin, and painted over paper to decode secret pirate messages.

With STEM education growing steadily in schools, this class is helping preschoolers get a head start, gain invaluable knowledge, and pique their curiosity.

“Preschoolers are filled with wonder and imagination, and they are excited to learn about the world around them and how it works,” said Gallant. “This class is for every curious little scientist and engineer who has ever asked, ‘Why?’ or ‘How?’”

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