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Exploring the World Through Cinema

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The Road Trip (Movie) Series: Take a Summer Class with EPS Teacher Tim Klobuchar

Road trips, and road movies, aren’t what they used to be. With the rise of mobile phones, GPS and digital maps, travel tends to contain fewer opportunities for spontaneity and getting lost. This reduces the chance of the unexpected thrill, which makes life (and movies) more fun.

Led by seasoned Edina High School film/literature and English teacher, Tim Klobuchar, The Road Trip (Movie) Series class will explore the history of the road movie and how it has reflected different visions of America through the years. Participants will see how the road can lead to romance, fulfillment, escape, and, sometimes, nightmares.  

“I like people with a sense of adventure,” says Klobuchar. “My hope is that my EPS high school students turn out like the adults taking this class. Always interested in exploring more about the world through cinema.”

Each class will consist of a brief intro and a screening of the film, followed by a discussion and conversation afterward. Possible movies include: It Happened One Night, The Hitch-hiker, Easy Rider, Lost in America, Sullivan’s Travels, Badlands, Thelma and Louise, Something Wild, and Paris, Texas, among others.

Offered through Edina Community Ed, The Road Trip  (Movie) Series is offered twice this summer: Part II: 1-4:00 pm from June 13-July 18, 2018 for $55 and and Part III: 1-4:00 pm from August 1 - 22 for $45. Both classes held at Edina High School.

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