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Spotlight on Middle School: Tinker Tuesdays

Teacher tells student about project in classroom.  You can hear the clattering and buzzing down the hallway of South View Middle School when ‘Tinker Tuesdays’ is in session. In one of the most popular options offered as a middle school after school program, students meet every Tuesday in science teacher Dan Geere’s classroom, turned makeshift workshop wonderland, to tinker.  In the spirit of discovery and experimentation, kids get to build and create (or even destroy) anything they dream up, using parts ranging from a 2 x 4 wood block to an old broken fax machine.

“It’s really about letting the kids lead,” says Dan Geere. “They are in charge of their own thing in here.”  And if you ask the kids, they would agree. But they are all quick to add that it’s also about their teacher.

“If I could choose one teacher to teach me every single subject, it’d be Mr. Geere,” says 6th grader Tate Olson. “He just knows so much. It’s awesome to come here after school.”

The last ‘Tinker Tuesdays’ session for this year ends in March. It’s classes like this that have the Community Ed Middle School programs at both South View and Valley View at record registrants. Registration for Spring classes are open.  For more information and to register for Spring 2018 Edina Community Ed Middle School After School Programs, click here.

And if Edina is your destination for spring break 2018, Edina Community Ed is offering Spring Break classes and field trips for students. For more information and to register, click here.