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Wood Carving with Neil Gillis

Instructor of Wood Carving  Wood carving is an art form that brings an ordinary piece of wood to life. One of the oldest of human skills, carved accents and forms can be found in everyday household items and  in exquisite decorative sculptures. Curious? We’ve got a class to introduce you to the basics of carving:  how to prepare and "read" the wood, how to sharpen the knife blade, and how to cut and carve the wood. Instructor Neil Gillis decided to pick up wood carving in 2001 after he suffered a stroke. He is excited to share his continued passion for wood carving with others. What I am going to be trying to teach you in the class, Fundamentals of Wood Carving, is essentially what I was taught in my first carving class. I believe this content is the best foundation for a beginning carver who is serious about developing this pastime.” For more information and to register, click here.