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Volunteer Spotlight: Dodie Taylor

Woman helping child play with blocks  When you think about the volunteers in our school district, who comes to mind? Maybe a high school student you know? Or the parent of that student? Perhaps even your retired neighbor? All of these people are perfect examples of our volunteers! But think bigger and broader. Who else volunteers their time? Alongside our student, parent and community volunteers, we also have staff members who love to come in and help. 

Dodie Taylor, who works for our Transportation Department, is just one of the district staff members who enjoys volunteering. Between her morning bus routes, Dodie spends her break with Special Education Pre-K students. She also happens to drive these students, which strengthens the daily, personal connection between her and the kids. 

Dodie is in her second year of volunteering with our program and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. Thank you Dodie and all our staff volunteers who are committed to going the extra mile!