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Club 350


EHS students standing with Countryside elementary students  Youth Serving Youth is a program of Edina Community Education and Edina Public Schools that is located in Edina High School. It’s made up of various extra-curricular student groups and initiatives that are social justice and service related. Club 350 is just one of many Youth Serving Youth Clubs this year at Edina High School (EHS). These EHS students spend time after school at Countryside Elementary, volunteering every Monday from 4-5pm. They spend time crafting, playing outside, and doing other activities to get to know one another. Senior Hailey Chrysler, one of the student leaders this year, says: “It’s a different way to spend time with kids in our community. It’s something we all look forward to. And it’s so sweet how the elementary students look up to the high school students.” Club 350 started in 2014 and has continued to grow each year, with more than 100 current members.

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