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Grow Your Global Competence

A woman standing under colorful umbrellas  Now is the time to become more educated and connected in our community that is multicultural, multilingual, interconnected, and interdependent. Instructor Bianca Suglia will be teaching a 3-part course that will help enrich and expand your understanding of Global Competence. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and a Peer Coach in Edina Public Schools. Fluent in several world languages she has extensive coaching and teaching experience as an elementary, French and English teacher. She recently obtained her “Global Competence Certification” from Columbia University and is excited to share her passion for languages and global competence. Bianca believes, “this class will provide a time and a space for our community members to deconstruct and understand their own culture as part of their global competence journey, familiarize themselves with the global competence matrix, and determine individualized pathways for their continued individual growth”. Follow the link to sign up or for more information.