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Project Test the Nest | Surveillance testing designed to identify asymptomatic cases of COVID

Test the Nest

What is Project Test the Nest?
Test the Nest is surveillance testing designed to identify asymptomatic cases of COVID. The project has evolved over months of work by an ad hoc committee that includes School Board members, district leaders, MDH representation and community members with medical expertise. In November, they began looking for a medical partner to work with the district. At the same time, UnitedHealth Group (UHG) was also seeking a research partner. COVID screening in schools is new and we are all interested in learning how it can effectively work to keep schools open. This unique public/private partnership combines the district’s commitment to mitigation strategies that help maintain levels of in-person learning, and UHG’s interest in demonstrating that proactive, asymptomatic testing efforts for schools is an important part of an effective mitigation plan. The launch of Test the Nest aligns with the state's recent recommendation for regular COVID testing of students.
**Note: Participation in Project Test the Nest student COVID testing is entirely optional and students and their parents must give signed consent.
1 | SIGN UP on Infinite Campus. Find Test the Nest forms under ‘documents’. 
Both students AND parents must each sign a consent form to complete registration.  
2 | SHOW UP on Tuesdays between 7:30-9:30am in the EPAC or the Activities Center atriums. 
3 | SWAB quick before heading to class. 
Pooled test results by 2pm same day. If negative, cartwheels. If positive, diagnostic test to follow (done at school). 
     Project Test the Nest works to identify asymptomatic cases of COVID to help keep our schools open for in-person learning. Let’s keep students in school and COVID out! 
Go to for details. #HORNETS