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Student Support Opportunities


Student Support: Click this link to watch a video of student support opportunities during distance learning.

Schoology: Schoology is a one-stop location for staff, students and parents to see grades, course content, a calendar of upcoming work, as well as communication. Click here for more information. 
Digital Planner: Is your student looking for a digital format to maintain their assignment notebook/academic planner? There are two options available to work with: daily planner and/or weekly planner.


AM hours are Monday - Friday 8:00am - 8:30am by appointment only
PM hours are Monday - Friday 2:55pm - 3:30pm no appointment needed

Google Meets should be posted in Schoology. You can go and ask them specifics about what is going on in their classes and receive support at these times. Here is a link to Teacher Office Hours in case teachers have different specific office hour times.

tutor   writing     smath

The EHS Tutor Center is a great resource. Here is their website. They have in-person and virtual tutoring available.
Includes tutoring, the writing center, and the SMath center.

Outside of the school day tutoring: click here for HelpNow from Hennepin County Library free one-to-one live online homework help from qualified tutors for grades 3-12. Live assistance in English and Spanish available every day from 1-11 p.m.; experts also review and respond to submitted questions and papers. Services include a writing lab, as well as submitting your own specific questions. (Hennepin County library card required for this service)

This school year (2020-21), community partners are offering discounted rates on academic support resources for students who qualify for Edina Give and Go support. Learn more about their programs by clicking here. Families are able to select the program that best meets their student’s needs and they are not limited to support providers.
1:1 or 1:2 tutoring
In-person small-group learning coach
Virtual small-group learning coach
Super Saturdays
Family learning coach (in-person or virtual)

Schedule an appointment here with your….
School Counselor
Broken up by 9th grade team or 10-12th grade alphas
Discuss courses, grades, college, careers, etc.

School Social Worker
Broken up by 9th grade team or 10-12th grade alphas
1:1 student social/emotional/behavioral support, consultation, support coordination/information, etc.

School Psychologist
Works primarily with special education students
1:1 student social/emotional/behavioral support, consultation, support coordination/information, etc.

Edina Mental Wellness Website: click here to access resources, a virtual calming room, etc. for students and families.

  • Copies of notes, if not available online
  • Providing additional study materials
  • Individual check-ins for understanding
  • Chunking assignments into smaller steps with clear deadlines
  • Strategic seating (not applicable in distance learning, but is when we are in-person)
  • Retake policy (should be listed on each of your class syllabi)