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2019-20 School Supplies



Listed below are suggested items that Edina High school students will need to have for their school year. EHS will not supply students with items listed under “Suggested School Supplies.” Specific classes may require items beyond this basic list.

Suggested School Supplies:

Each student should have an organizational system that works for them. (i.e. 3- Ring binders, notebooks, folders)
# 2 pencils—with erasers
Pens, teachers may specify colors
Loose leaf notebook paper

SCHOOL SUPPLY DONATION REQUEST We appreciate your generosity with school supply donations for classrooms. Below is a list of items we need.

Expo white board markers (any color), Expo White Board Erasers and Cleaner, Batteries, Packing tape, Pens, Ticonderoga #2 Pencils, Highlighters, Manila Folders, Tissues / Kleenex, 3-Ring Binders, Post It Notes, Loose Leaf Paper

Families can go online to and order supply donations for classrooms.

Please click this link to order supply donations. Thank you!