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MAP testing Starts December 4th!

MAP testing happens annually at Valley View.  The results are used to help monitor student learning progress, as well as guide our school in creating a more personalized education for your son / daughter.  Results of the tests will be accessible via Learner's Edge in your parent portal shortly after testing concludes. Click here if you are interested in more general information in regards to MAP testing.  

Goal Setting/ Growth Reflection:

Having goals around growth and reflecting can help students find purpose around MAP testing and their learning.  As a school, we will be talking with students in advisory next week to discuss 'why' we MAP test and 'how' the data is used.  We will also be working with your child after the MAP test to look at their score and reflect on their growth from last year to this year.

MAP Testing Calendar: (please note these dates to avoid scheduling conflicts for your child if possible).