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Legislative Action Committee seeks new members

May 23, 2019 - The Legislative Action Committee (LAC) invites interested Edina school district parents, students and community members to join them in their work to inform and coordinate advocacy on issues affecting public education.

The LAC is a non-partisan group begun last fall. It is led by Edina School Board members Ellen Jones and Owen Michaelson. Members are needed on the Steering Committee, which consists of up to nine individuals. It meets as often as weekly from September through November, then monthly through the end of the legislative session. This committee develops and proposes legislative positions to the Edina School Board designed to advance the district’s mission. Committee members attend presentations by legislators, monitor bills and votes, and lobby at the state Capitol in support of the platforms.

General members are also needed on a number of sub-groups to manage mailings to legislators, make phone calls and in-person contact during the legislative session, visit the Capitol, and work to connect legislators with EPS schools and classrooms. Additionally, the LAC plans the annual Legislative Platform Breakfast held in January. There is no solid time commitment for general members, but your assistance is welcome when able to participate in all of the above activities.

Learn more about the work of the LAC at, or email or