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August 5, 2020

SUBJ:  EPS Learning Model Preference

Dear EPS Families,

We appreciate the messages of support we received from so many of you since Monday’s announcement of our fall Learning Models. Thank you for acknowledging the work of the EPS teams that went into this planning, and for recognizing that there is no perfect answer in our current circumstances.

We are ready to begin the next phase of planning, but in order to accurately roster students, and assign teachers, staff and classroom space, we need you to make a decision:

  • Will your student learn in the hybrid model, with in-classroom learning two days a week, strict safety protocols and potential to shift to a different learning model based on county COVID data?
  • Or, will your student learn from home through the Edina Virtual Academy (EVA)?

Your decision on which learning model is best for your student should be based on health needs -- those of your student and the members of your household. Edina schools will adhere to safety guidelines from the Minnesota Department of Health and the CDC. But these guidelines are designed to mitigate the spread of the virus, not prevent it. If your child or someone in your home is in a high risk category, choosing EVA could be a better option in helping to avoid exposure by being around other people. Your decision this week will be for the coming semester, with an opportunity to make a different choice in January for the second semester.

The enrollment numbers in each of the models may have an effect on the ability to offer all electives in both models at the secondary schools, however French immersion will be offered in both learning models. The difference between models is largely about in-school learning part of the time, versus at-home learning all of the time. The academic experience of each will follow the same EPS curriculum, and is designed to be rigorous and engaging. Both learning models will be staffed by the same dedicated and extremely qualified Edina faculty and employees that are the foundation of the academic excellence for which Edina Public Schools is known.

Choose Preferred Learning Model by Sunday, Aug. 9, 6 p.m.

Please log in to your Parent Portal for a number of back-to-school items, including most importantly, selecting a learning model for your student, as mentioned above.


In the portal, click on campus icon, click the More button at the bottom of the left side menu, then My Info Update on the next screen. It will take you to the 2020-21 School Year Planning page where you can indicate your preferences for learning model, transportation and nutrition services. (Check this tutorial for more information about navigating the portal.) Here is what we need you to do on the portal, with more information available on portal pages:

  • Learning Model Choice: Note that the hybrid model is the default. You must select EVA if you prefer that choice, or your student will be enrolled in the hybrid model.
  • Transportation: With limited capacity this year, we need to know if you plan to use district transportation.
  • Nutrition Services: School lunch will begin with cold, bag lunches offering a balanced meal. We hope to transition to some hot meals. 
  • Update Contact Information (phone numbers and email addresses)
  • Complete the Student Information Release agreement if you DO NOT want your student’s photograph, name or other information to appear in district publications, yearbooks, directories, etc.

***Please complete the School Year Planning selections by Sunday, Aug. 9 at 6 p.m.

We all want the same thing -- more information! You want to know about your student’s teachers and schedule, we want to know how many students we are planning for in classrooms and online. We ALL want to know how COVID-19 will behave this year and how long this pandemic will last. A strong school-family partnership is really important now. It is how we will get through this uncomfortable and stressful transition to another unusual school scenario. Thank you for your patience and for your prompt attention to the learning model choices for your students. We are anxious to work on the details we know you are anxious to receive!

Take care,

John Schultz