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Winter weather won’t stop learning – district poised for e-Learning Days

Nov. 7, 2019 - School buildings may close due to winter weather but learning will continue as the district implements e-Learning Days this year.

This fall, curriculum staff, digital learning specialists, and teachers worked together to create developmentally appropriate lesson plans that offer a combination of online and offline learning assignments for K-12 students. e-Learning Day assignments will be focused on advancing the work already happening in the classroom.

Notification of an e-Learning Day will happen in conjunction with school closure announcements, using the same email, voicemail, and text messaging system, as well as website posting and notification on local television stations.

For elementary students, the announcement will include a link to instructions and e-Learning Day materials. e-Learning Day assignments will have deadlines for later the same day, which is how attendance is taken. However, there will be a five-day grace period before a student is marked absent.

Secondary students will sign in to the portal and access Schoology. Teachers will post e-Learning Day assignments by 10 a.m. Students can turn in assignments at any time during the day but to be counted present their work must be turned in by 11:59 p.m.

Teachers will be available on e-Learning Days to answer questions, provide guidance or lead online discussions. They will post their office hours in their communication. Plans are in place to ensure all students have internet access or adaptive technology, as needed.

Visit e-Learning Days Frequently Asked Questions for more information.