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Krista Phillips creates connections through the Edina Resource Center

Krista Phillips Krista Phillips started her role as manager of the Edina Resource Center (ERC) in July 2017. In that role, she makes connections between community members and community providers, finding resources in areas such as food, housing, transportation, healthcare, financial support and more.

What is the Edina Resource Center?

Our community is filled with organizations and providers willing and ready to help, but it can be hard and time consuming to navigate options. The ERC is a confidential service to connect people with providers, resources and opportunities in the community. Inquiries about food support, housing options, finding a counselor, tax prep, tutors, and financial/scholarship assistance are just a few of the common calls at the ERC. We work with anyone who lives, works or attends schools in Edina.

What is your background working in non-profits?

My non-profit work has mostly focused on connecting community members with People Serving People, Lutheran Social Service and VEAP. I have managed volunteer programs, fundraising events, and programs benefitting families such as school supply drives, toy drives, transportation programs and a food pantry.

What about non-profit work that excites you?

The organization’s mission, programs and people drive my passion to help others. There are many great non-profits doing wonderful things for the community. I’ve had the unique experience of seeing the life changing impact programs, such as homeless shelters, food pantries, and toys at the holidays, have on families; how calling an isolated senior can keep them in their home; and how volunteers become a family. It is exciting to see a community come together for a common cause. I have met amazing people, like the 7 year old who donated all her birthday gifts for other kids, the senior volunteer with 30 years of service, and volunteer groups thrilled to make the work of sorting rotten produce a game. Hearing their stories makes the mission come to life.

What is something people don’t know about the Edina Resource Center?

There is a wealth of opportunities and activities available. While the ERC primarily highlights the free and affordable resource options, we also have information that can benefit anyone in Edina. For instance, a new resource we offer is a listing of the upcoming season’s youth sports and activities with registration deadlines. For anyone considering a new sport or activity this may be helpful so you don’t miss out. The ERC website and newsletter provide current resources for people of all ages.

Above all else, why do you enjoy this work?

I love helping people and I get the chance to meet and work with a variety of people in my role. I enjoy learning more about our community and making connections that will benefit our families. Every day is a little different. I never know what someone might call about but I’m thrilled to help connect them to a provider who can meet their need.

This story was originally published in the spring issue of Experience EPS during the 2017-18 school year, which was mailed to the community in May 2018.