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Recognizing EPS employee milestones

Aug. 26, 2020 – Edina Public Schools recognizes a number of significant milestones reached by numerous staff members this year. Typically, an awards luncheon is held to celebrate these achievements, which of course is not possible this year. Nevertheless, the district wishes to congratulate and thank these employees for their commitment to serve Edina students and families!

25 Years of Service

Kathryn Bennewitz
Lisa Burnham
Elizabeth Chaigne
Elizabeth Gerich
Ellen Guerin
Jennifer Hurt
Megan Kelly
Kelly Krutz
Claude Leroux
Elizabeth Madson
Diane Morris
Christopher Piela
Michele Rock
Leroy Shaw
Diana Swanson
William White

Safe Years of Bus Driving

20 Years
Dodie Johnson

15 Years
Stein Settergren

10 Years
Frank Murray
Connie Sivilay

5 Years

David Johnson
Phil Johnson
Mike Kelley
Brian Kise
Jerry Larson
Lavina Phillips
Deb Thorson

Certified Staff Achieving Tenure

Madison Akins
Beatriz Alcazar
Serben Augustine
Kimberly Bender
Marissa Bodiker
Debra Brastad
Katrina Budde
Leah Bulver
Laura Burger
Stephanie Cahill
Robin Dayneko
Erin Deakyne
Michael Franssen
Hayley Guevara
Sandra Harley
Austin Hochstetler
Jessica Kramar
Lindsey Kruppstadt
Jill Manzetti
Giovanna Margalli
Alyson Mattson
Megan Mestad
Kristy Miller
Michael Moeller
Nikia Mussell
Mallory Nieland
Marit Oberle
Lisa Rapke Hoffman
Nicole Schweigert
David Soderholm
Erin St. Ores
Christopher Vaughan
Virginia Wiandt