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Summer Birthdays: How to know if your child is ready

There are many parents who struggle with the decision of when to send their child with a summer birthday to kindergarten. Countryside parents, Sonika and Atul faced this decision with their daughter. Sonika and Atul shared how they navigated their decision to help current Pre-K parents who are faced with a similar dilemma.

Q: When is your child’s birthday?

  • Our daughter’s birthday is July 15.

Q: What age did you send your child to kindergarten?

  • We decided to send her at age 5.

Q: Was it a difficult decision to make?

  • Based on the level of excitement we saw in her, the decision was not difficult.

Q: Did you seek advice from others when making the decision?

  • We discussed it with other parents, but we had experience making the decision with our older child, which made the decision making process easier.

Q: How did you make sure your daughter was ready for kindergarten?

  • Some of the most important things were to make sure that she did not need a nap during the day and that she was able to communicate if she needed anything.

  • A few weeks before school started, we moved her from daycare, which was her comfort zone, and placed her in a summer program at the YMCA. This was a completely new environment for her to make new friends and to talk to new teachers. If she needed anything, she had her older sibling, who was in the same program, but she was basically independent. Since naps were not an option in the summer program, she learned not to rely on them. She also learned how to eat without assistance and how to take care of her own belongings.

  • When our daughter came back happy from the summer program, we knew she was ready. We attended the kindergarten prep activities during the summer and that gave her a chance to meet kindergarten friends and teachers while getting familiar with the school building.

Q: If you could make the decision again, would you change anything?

  • Our daughter is happy in kindergarten, so we would not change anything.