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How parents can get connected before the first day of school

Parent with student The beginning of the school year may be overwhelming for some kids, and it can also be overwhelming for parents. There seems to be no end to forms, sign-ups, creating accounts and passwords. We understand! Each Edina elementary school varies slightly, but here are some common things to do and look for:

Attend your school’s Open House/Meet and Greet

This event usually takes place the week before school starts. It is an opportunity for parents to meet the teacher and new classmates, walk around the building, visit the classroom and drop off school supplies.  Important forms specific to your child’s classroom will be available as well.  Some schools also host gatherings for kindergarten families.

Watch for Seesaw sign up information

Many teachers use this application to send classroom communication, share pictures and video, share schoolwork, and eventually have your child sharing their own work with you.

Watch email and check for information coming from the school, especially the school newsletter.

It is essential that we have a correct email address so that parents are included on important communications.  This is how parents will learn about school-wide events and get information about being included in the school directory.

Give permission to have your information shared in the school directory

This is how parents and their child will know how to get a hold of new school friends.  Teachers are NOT allowed to share families’ contact information. We are often asked for this so families can set up play dates and invite kids to birthday parties.  Confidentiality of student data prevents us from helping out with this.

Sign up for your school’s PTO!

This is a great way to get connected with new families and become a part of the school community.

The first day of school for Edina students is conference day for kindergarten families (August 26)

Be sure to sign up for a conference with your kindergarten teacher. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet face-to-face and share any concerns and have questions answered.

Taking care of these “housekeeping” tasks will ensure your child has a great start to the year!  This will also help you get involved and meet the families you will very likely see frequently over the next 13 years. By connecting with other students and families, you are helping your child become a part of the school community. This sense of belonging will go a long way in supporting your child socially and emotionally. 

The kindergarten teams at EPS are excited to begin this journey with you as your child starts their academic career.  It is a huge milestone for children and families and we are looking forward to partnering with you to make your child’s kindergarten year a success!

The Creek Valley Kindergarten Team - Brenda Dolan, Megan Kelly, Mehan Meyerhofer, and Heather Willems