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Technology in a Kindergarten Classroom

Student using iPad The Normandale Elementary Kindergarten Team

In a kindergarten classroom, technology is intentional, supervised, and it provides an opportunity to build school-to-home connections. We are conscious of concerns about screen time and make sure to use technology with purpose and with moderation.

Applications like Seesaw, a student driven digital portfolio,  are used to provide a window into our classroom, and answer that age-old question, “What do you do all day in school?” We frequently post photos of classroom events through Seesaw and later in the year the kindergartners themselves post work and create content on Seesaw. Many families love to see updates of what their child is doing in school and find it easier to start conversations with students about their learning.

Seesaw is one of the many forms of technology we use that open the lines of communication between teachers and parents. Some teachers may use apps designed to support the skills in early literacy and numeracy, some of which can also be used at home for extra practice.

At Edina Public Schools we use technology in the classroom to personalize learning, foster independence in students, and create movement breaks. We supervise and regulate all technology use in the classroom, taking time to teach students how to safely and effectively use these resources.

Of course, we know that technology is not a replacement for face-to-face instructional time. We work hard to strike a balance that is best for students’ progress.