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Preparing your child for social connections in kindergarten

To start, welcome to kindergarten! The Edina kindergarten teachers are already looking forward and planning for our new crop of kindergarteners in the fall! Social and emotional development is one of the most important indicators of success in kindergarten. The more you can do to prepare your pre-kindergartener with these skills, the easier the transition to school will be.

 Before Coming to Kindergarten

  • Talk with your child’s preschool teacher to get insight on how your child interacts with peers in a classroom setting.
  • Try to give your child as many experiences as possible with same age peers. Playdates, community education classes, story time at local libraries or bookstores, hang out at playgrounds, etc. Edina Community Ed has many fabulous summer offerings, including Kindergarten Camp. Click here for more info.

 Consider the Following Questions:

  • How does your child approach new kids and situations?
  • Does your child use their words to communicate or their body to communicate?
  • Can your child stop and think about working out a problem with a peer independently, or is your child frequently acting out with their body?

Help your child in these areas by talking, talking, talking! Putting words to emotions or challenges is very helpful for children this age. Elementary school is a big transition and the stronger your child’s social/emotional skills are entering kindergarten, the better equipped your child will be to focus on learning and making academic progress.

The Creek Valley Kindergarten Team - Brenda Dolan, Megan Kelly, Mehan Meyerhofer, and Heather Willems