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Kindergarten readiness skills

Kindergartners in classroom Concord kindergarten teachers want students to be as successful as possible when they begin school. Teachers composed a list of skills kindergartners should be able to display before the first day. The list is divided into three categories: self-care, academic skills, and social skills.


Students should be able to:

- Tie shoes (otherwise purchase Velcro).

- Zip coat.

- Use the bathroom independently.

- Pack, unpack, and organize belongings.

Academic Skills

Students should be able to:

- Count to 10+.

- Recognize numbers to 10.

- Read lowercase letters.

- Produce lowercase letter sounds.

- Write name with uppercase letter at the begininng.

Social Skills

Students should be able to:

- Use words to solve problems.

- Share with others.

- Take turns.

- Sit and focus for 10 minutes.

- Follow adult directions.

The Concord Elementary Kindergarten Team