• Facilities Rental

  • How to Reserve a Space

    New to the facilities request and rental process? Welcome! Follow these step-by-step instructions to help ensure a smooth experience. 

    1. What kind of facility do you need?

    Before you make a request, first become familiar with the different types of rooms available for community use in our district. Click here for photos and room information for each of our public school sites. Note: The rental charge will depend on the type of space and the type of organization requesting the space. See our Facilities Rental Schedule here.

    2. Check availability. 

    Next, please check for facility availability on the date and time you need. Click here to check the Edina Public Schools Facilities Calendar.

    3. Ready to make a request?

    Great! Let's get started.

    1. From the Facilities Calendar Page, scroll all the way down below the calendar and click on the green "Create a New Facility Request" button. Sign in or create an account. Note: if you use this system to register for Edina Community Education classes, or pay certain school fees, or pay for school meals, you will use this same account to request facilities space. Note that in addition to your general community education account, you must also have a facility account. If this is your first time making a facility request, please call or email us and we’ll create one for you. You need to do this just once, and it’s quick and easy! Email: facilites@edinaschools.org or 952-848-3963 to get a facilities account.

    2. Begin your request by indicating the purpose or activity. Note: what you type in this box will show on the Facilities Calendar. Estimate the number of people attending. Ages and residency percentages are optional information.

    3. Select the desired building and room(s). Note: if possible, please select Choose Specific Room(s) and make a specific room selection.

    4. Select date(s) and enter times of the meeting or activity. If you will need additional time for setup or takedown before/after the activity, please enter that information separately where indicated.

    5. When you are finished, "Submit Series.

    6. If the space being requested has a conflict, the system will display an error message. Fix conflicts by using the "Fix Time Conflicts" or revise the entire facility request using the "Revise Facility Request" buttons.  

    7. Next, you can "Add More Locations, Dates or Times." Otherwise, "Continue to Next Step."

    8. "Agree to Conditions," and then "Continue." 

    9. Answer additional questions, and then "Complete Questions and Continue." Note: Will you need any specific equipment or technology? Do you need a special room set-up? Do you want all chairs set up facing the front of the classroom, or in a U-Shape, or everything pushed to the side? These are examples of items you can put in the set-up notes.

    10. Finally, "Review and Complete your Facility Request.

    That's it! We will review your request. What's next?

    1. You will receive an email confirmation once your request has been processed. Note: If some or all of your request has been denied, a red bar will appear in the middle of your confirmation.

    2. Once your email arrives, click on the yellow “View Full Details” bar  to review your facilities request

    3. Important! Then, click on the blue “PDF Download” button (on the top, left-hand column) to download your complete permit details. Keep this copy of your permit handy, and bring it with you when you arrive to use Edina Public Schools facilities.

    4. As always, if you have any questions please contact us via email at facilities@edinaschools.org or by phone at 952-848-3963.