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    Community Service Letter

  • Congratulations, 2020-2021 Community Service Letter recipients! Since we cannot meet in person for the ceremony, we created a video in your honor. Click here to view: 2020-2021 Community Service Letter Video  

    Thank you to all 111 students who made our community stronger, more connected, and more human!

    Since 1996, Edina Public Schools students in grades 9-12 have had the opportunity to letter in community service. In 2021, 111 students lettered in community service.

    The Community Service Letter is an award earned by students who go above and beyond when it comes to serving others. 

    2021-22 Community Service Letter Requirements
    Timeline for the 2021-22 Service letter is still to be determined. See below for general information.

    Step 1. Orientation and Application:  

    Attending an orientation (for first-time applicants) and completing an application is the first step in earning a letter in Community Service. This happens in the fall.

    Step 2. Complete Forms:

    Students complete at least 120 hours of community service to earn a letter in Community Service. 60 of these hours must be focused on a particular cause or issue. Students can accumulate hours during the course of one year, or over several years.

    1. Keep track of your hours using the Hours Log Form
    2. Have two supervisors complete a letter of recommendation for you.

    These forms are turned in in spring.

    Step 3. Creative Reflection:

    The creative reflection happens in spring.

     Step 4. Ceremony:

    The Community Service Letter Ceremony happens in late May/Early June.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Direct questions related to the Community Service Letter to: 

    Cheryl Gunness
Community service letter patch and certificate.
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