• Referendum 2015

    Next Generation Facilities Plan

  • Enhancing Building Security 

    We are fortunate to live in safe community where we all benefit from the care and concern that is shown toward our young people. But our schools were designed for a different time. Maintaining the safety and security of our schools requires three key elements:

    1. STAFF – Edina Public Schools staff are trained in appropriate safety protocols and emergency response, which serve as our primary security asset. In addition, the strong relationships our teachers and staff build with our students and families helps ensure a welcoming and caring environment in all our schools.

    2. EDINA EMERGENCY PERSONNEL – We are fortunate to partner with the Edina Police and Fire and Rescue Departments. In addition to the two school liaison officers who work in our schools, we know that emergency personnel have a less than five minute response time to any emergency call made to our schools.

    3. FACILITIES – With the average age of our schools is almost 41 years, which means our buildings were constructed for a different time. They were not designed for the current reality and security challenges we face today. By enhancing building security at all 10 of our learning sites, we will be better equipped to deal with present day realities and be better prepared for potential emergencies in the future.  

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