• Strategic Plan

  • Secondary Academic Program Study - Year 2

    We are excited as we begin year two of our journey and invite you to visit this site often for updates on this vital work. At present, we offer the following in an effort to inform the Edina Public Schools community about our work-to-date and goals for the 2013-14 academic year:


    • In 2012, the district approved a Strategic Plan, which outlined major initiatives and goals that will help bring about the Next Generation of Edina Public Schools.

    • In 2012-13, the district conducted a comprehensive study of the grades 6-12 academic program. The purpose of the study was to develop a framework for a grade 6-12 customized learning system that combines innovative choice and quality with accelerated and flexible learning. After combing through over 10,000 staff, student and family inputs, reviewing numerous research studies, and investigating examples of innovative educational programs from around the world, the Board approved a framework that articulates a vision for EPS secondary programs that will ensure current and future students have the skills they need to thrive in a rapidly changing, culturally diverse, global society.

    • Starting in August 2013, the secondary academic plan moves into the first year of the implementation phase. To help advance the work of the framework, an Implementation Team, comprised of secondary teachers and administration, will work with each other as well as with other faculty, staff and students in identifying strategies and action steps to that will move the plan forward.

    • For a quick overview, check out this 90 second video on how we got to this point … http://youtu.be/OKTZJEpKIgU

    WHO is the Implementation Team?

    • Jen Buckley, SVMS language arts teacher ITeam

    • Mark Carlson, VVMS math teacher

    • Kent Downing, VVMS counselor

    • Shawn Dudley, VVMS principal

    • Paul Kile, EHS music teacher

    • Bruce Locklear, EHS principal

    • Michael Roddy, EHS science teacher

    • Beth Russell, SVMS principal

    • Brian Voeller, SVMS social studies teacher


    WHAT will the Implementation Team do?

    • Working together, the team will research, gather input, and develop action steps to implement the Secondary Academic Program Plan. They will focus on a continuous improvement model that identifies how to improve learning for all, and also help identify what may need to change or exit the system.

    • The team will focus their work on the five core strategies and vision outcomes (CSVOs) identified in the framework:

    A. Global Preparedness and Competence

    B. Personal Development and Independent Life Skills

    C. Personalized Learning and Advising

    D. Focused Student and Staff Collaboration

    E. Appropriate and Flexible Time and Space

    Our students and staff will build skills as lifelong learners to thrive in a rapidly changing, culturally diverse, global society

    Our learners will build timeless skills that foster persistence, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, self-regulation and effective communication

    Individuals will be supported in their creation and completion of learning paths that leverage choice and flexibility

    Purposeful collaboration time will be embedded into the day to enhance the use of data and feedback to create and adapt individual learning pathways

    Individuals will have choice and flexibility in when, where and how they learn

    Access the complete Secondary Academic Program Framework for more detailed information


    WHEN will the work happen?

    • The team will work through the 2013-14 school year on developing recommendations for implementation.

    • URGENCY - We cannot wait to implement the changes and strategies outlined in the plan. We need to ensure all students are college and career ready, and as such need to ensure that the education they are receiving is relevant to the needs of employers, higher education, and society.

    HOW will this work be accomplished?

    • The specific hows of the implementation plan are not yet decided. It is the work of the Implementation Team to gather input and recommendations from a variety of sources, most importantly EPS staff, students and families

    • This work will be done in collaboration with one another and with staff throughout the district.

    • Data will be gathered through pilots, best practice research, and study of successful innovative organizations.

    • The team will utilize a variety of communication and engagement tools to ensure transparency and involvement of all stakeholders.

    • The team will provide ongoing updates and progress reports to the School Board, staff, families and community.

    We welcome your questions and feedback at:  Secondary.Iteam@edinaschools.org