Addressing the School Board

  • Hearings from Members of the Audience

    The Edina Public Schools’ School Board welcomes comments from the public. Members of the public may address the School Board at regular Board meetings during the time designated “Hearings from Members of the Audience.” The hearing section is listed on each meeting’s agenda, copies of which are available in the boardroom or from the Board secretary in advance of the meetings.

    All requests to address the School Board at a regular meeting must be submitted on the online form below before 3 p.m. on the day of the meeting. After 3 p.m., those wishing to address the School Board may submit their request in-person prior to the start of the meeting by filling out and printing the this form, which should be given to the Board's secretary, who is seated to the left of the Board. The Board secretary will inform the Board Chair of the requests received.

    Additional information about hearings from members of the audience: 

    • Each presentation is limited to three minutes
    • All public participation must be in accordance with School Board Policy 206, School Board – Public Participation in School Board Meetings/Complaints About Persons at School Board Meetings and Data Privacy Considerations. Public complaints about individual Board members, employees or students must be submitted in writing in accordance with this policy. The Board Chair has the authority to terminate the remarks of any person who violates this policy
    • There will be no Board discussion on the issues presented
    • Questions raised during presentations will receive responses subsequent to the meeting as directed by the Board
Request to Address the School Board
  • Question and Answer Sessions

    In addition to hearings from members of the audience during regular meetings, the School Board hosts question and answer sessions prior to regularly scheduled monthly business meetings in an effort to increase engagement opportunities between the School Board and constituents. The sessions are be held from 6:30-6:55 p.m. with the goal of providing a forum in which community members’ questions may be answered while also encouraging additional follow-up as needed. Note that Q & A sessions are in addition to the public comments section currently available at regular School Board meeting.

    Individuals interested in addressing the Board during a Q & A session should provide contact information and their questions to the Superintendent’s Office by 3 p.m. at least one week prior to the Q & A session. In so doing, the Superintendent and administration will be able to better respond to questions and concerns. As with public comment during the School Board meeting, speakers are asked to keep their initial comments/questions to three minutes, allowing time for clarification and response from the Board and/or administration, and follow-up questions as appropriate.

    Requests to speak at the Q & A session will be reviewed by the Board Chair and Superintendent to determine whether requests are best responded to at the session or through some other forum.

    No Q&A topic was suggested for the February 10 meeting.

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