• Counseling and Advising

  • Junior Planning Calendar - Class of 2021


    • Check class schedule to make sure you are scheduled for appropriate classes needed for graduation and for the colleges you might someday wish to attend. (Keep in mind that colleges will look for challenging coursework, a strong GPA or rank, and involvement in extracurriculars like music, athletics, service or church involvement)
    • Try to get off to a great start academically. A good junior year is crucial in the eyes of many colleges.
    • Consider registering for the PSAT. Please see PSAT for registration information.
    • September 23  - Last day to drop course to Student Prep



    • Registration deadline for December 14 ACT--November 8
    • Counselors meet with Juniors in small groups


    • Start planning to take the SAT Reasoning Test, ACT, and/or SAT Subject Test exams in the spring, if necessary. Check with colleges where you are planning to apply to find out specific testing requirements. You may want to check with your counselor regarding testing recommendations. Registration forms are available in the guidance office or you can register on-line. Counselors recommend on-line registration.
    • Talk with students (older brothers and sisters, relatives, other Edina graduates, etc.--who are graduates of colleges or who are home on break from colleges--ask about their experiences.
    • ACT Test--December 14


    • Registration deadline for February 8 ACT--January 10
    • Results from PSAT test will be returned. Examine test results, go over questions to identify areas that you need to work on. Arrange visit with counselor after the beginning of the year to go over PSAT results.
    • Meet with counselor, as needed
    • College representative visits. Representatives are coming now primarily for juniors.
    • Begin discussions with your parents about college plans--especially financial considerations, distance from home, etc.
    • Start registering for the ACT and SAT. The guidance office strongly recommends that four-year bound college juniors take both an ACT and a SAT during the spring of their junior year.


    • Registration deadline for March 14 SAT Test-- February 14
    • ACT Test--February 8
    • Check out the Counseling Department web page and Naviance
      --start watching for the latest college planning news
      --Visit some of the internet sites recommended in College Information
    • February 21 - Last day to drop course to Student Prep
    • Register for senior classes--Keep in mind credits and classes needed for graduation and for post secondary plans.
    • Registration deadline for April 4 ACT--February 28


    • Register for AP exams, if appropriate.
    • Do any of your schools require the SAT Subject tests? If schools require or recommend them, they usually would like to see you take Math (Level IC or IIC), and one other test of your choice. Note: Some schools will want three tests.
    • Consider taking the SAT Subject Subject Tests while subjects are fresh in your head (ie. take Chemistry exam after completing AP Chemistry or the U.S. History exam after finishing AP U.S. History).
    • Remember you cannot take SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Tests on the same date. If you need to take both, you will need to sign up for two test dates.
    • Not sure which schools require SAT Subject Tests?
      Visit Compass's SAT Subject Test College List
    • Student may want to complete practice tests or take test preparation courses.
    • SAT Test Date--March 14 (only SAT Test, no Subject tests)


    • College visits to some of the leading schools on your list--during spring break (April). (If possible, meet with college representative assigned to our area and perhaps a financial aid officer at the school. It may also be a good time for an interview-though many schools no longer do interviews)
    • By the time you leave school in June, develop a working list of schools that you want to investigate.
    • April 3 - Last day to take course Pass/No Credit
    • Meet with your counselor, if needed, to discuss options.
    • College bound juniors--take ACT, SAT Reasoning, or SAT Subject Tests.
    • Registration deadline for May 2 SAT--April 3
    • ACT Test Date--April 4
    • Investigate potential summer experiences: work, summer school, special workshops, and college enrichment programs designed for college students.
    • Consider taking SAT Subject Tests--see above


    • Registration Deadline for June 6 SAT--May 8
    • Registration Deadline for June 13 ACT--May 8
    • AP exams
    • Consider taking SAT Subject Tests--see above.
    • SAT Test Date--May 2



    • ACT Test Date--July 8


    • Make college visits. Plan and call ahead for appointments.
    • Summer jobs that might be related to your career interests are a plus.
    • Obtain and review admission materials and applications from colleges that interest you.
    • Begin preparing essays for college admissions.
    • You may want to develop a resume of activities, honors, involvement, etc.
    • If you have identified a career area, arrange an interview with someone in that area--just to find out more information about that career and that career path.

    Updated November 18, 2019