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    Personalizing learning for each student

    Edina’s student-focused academics recognizes the uniqueness of each student. They are at the center of the instructional plan where their, interests, strengths and challenges, experiences and family culture, all contribute to designing a pathway to academic proficiency that works for them. By affirming their individuality, students become engaged in their learning and recognize their own gifts and interests. Students learn to love learning, and when they do they reach higher and work harder as Edina’s expert educators guide and encourage them along the way.

    Relationships foster learning

    At the heart of personalized learning is the relationship between teacher and student. Educators knowing their students and including them in the learning process leads to students who are invested in their own education. Students participate in goal setting and track their progress toward identified academic standards. Together with their teachers, a customized learning path evolves that capitalizes on a learner’s strengths and interests, and provides added support where needed. Students demonstrate mastery of a standard in traditional ways (through state and local assessments) and in less traditional ways, such as videos, skits, and projects. Students feel valued and excited to be able to show their learning in ways that are meaningful to them.

    Student-centered pace

    Personalization of learning extends to matching the pace of learning to the strengths and challenges each student encounters in their academic journey. Classroom and districtwide support programs and systems are in place to help Edina students meet academic or personal challenges that may impact their learning. Likewise, opportunities to accelerate or deepen learning in any area of interest or strength is embedded into curriculum. Educators encourage every student to challenge themselves in order to realize their fullest potential.

    Expert educators

    Edina educators and staff are trained in strategies and behaviors that incorporate best practices and personalized learning concepts. As a result, Edina classrooms model a culture of acceptance, collaboration, and student-focused learning. More than 80 percent of Edina educators have advanced degrees, and 18 teachers have achieved National Board Certification -- the highest credential available to American educators. (Additionally, 36 staff members in disciplines including speech/language pathology, social work, psychology, occupational therapy and school nursing, have also earned national accreditation in their field.) Edina Public Schools partners with other high-achieving school districts and universities in the country to share what we know about personalized teaching and learning, and to continuously improve our own strategies. Edina teachers and staff present at national and international conferences to peer groups and school administrators who want to replicate Edina’s successes.

    An Edina Education

    Edina students graduate having had an enriched academic experience. Our learners know themselves better and have learned to love learning -- key elements to self-fulfillment. They leave us with an educational foundation of breadth and depth that sets them on a trajectory for success in college, career and community. Edina students move on the next phase of their lives poised to be leaders.

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