• May Term for All


    EHS - May Term for All 

    May 25 - June 1, 2017

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    (Opens Tuesday, February 7th at 7:00pm for Juniors Only)
    (Opens Tuesday, February 14th at 7:00pm for Sophomores Only) 


    May 25 - June 1, 2017


    Sophomores - Juniors

    May Term for All (on campus) is an opportunity for all EHS students to partake in a six day course of their choice. Teachers will offer a variety of academic courses, spanning many interests, which will provide enrichment and/or enhancement at Edina High School.  This is a six day program for all sophomores and juniors.  (May 25 - June 1)

    May Term for All Program

    Registration Procedure

    Students and their parents review this course catalog. Students select their desired courses and register for May Term for ALL.

    A 1/3 credit will be given for completion of May Term Programs. May Term will be listed on each student’s transcript as “Personalized Learning Experience-May Term” a pass/fail elective credit.

    If a student does not complete the May Program satisfactorily, he/she must arrange an acceptable alternative program through the EHS administration or May Term advisor to fulfill this requirement.

    All school rules apply during the May Program, including attendance. All rules governing student behavior apply on off-campus field trips. If a senior participating in an off-campus programs comes on campus during the school day, he/she is expected to adhere to school rules.



    2017 MTFA Daily schedule


    1st block

    8:25-9:50 (85)


    2nd block

    10:00-11:25 (85)


    3rd block

    11:35-12:05 1st lunch (40)


    12:15-1:40 85 min class


    Split Lunch

    11:35-12:05 40 min class


    12:15-12:55 LUNCH (40)


    1:00-1:40 40 min class


    4th block

    1:45-3:10 (85)


    1st Lunch


    Split Lunch

    1967 the year that changed Hollywood


    ACT Prep

    Adventures in Good Listening


    Ap Euro throgh Film



    Become an Origami Master

    Basketball 101


    Beginning knitting

    Before the Iphone: Using Pinhole Cameras


    Bollywood Gets Political



    Build a Quadcopter

    Can you float a cardboard box?


    Creative Writing

    Canoe Paddle Making


    Creative Writing in the Wizarding World

    Communication& Sports in Marketing


    Credit Recovery

    Decoding the Mysteries of Russia


    Discovering Disabilities

    Digital Arts


    Exlore MN!

    Digital Printing


    Life of the Mind: Psychology and Scorsese’s Cinema

    Exploring Hunger in our Community


    Lifeguard Training

    History Simulation Game


    Music Exploration

    Latina Zumba


    New York New York

    LGBTQ Studies



    Picture This: Begining Digital Photo


    Race, Racism, and Whiteness

    Ready, Set, Action!


    Science of Star Wars

    Relaxation and Meditation Techniques



    Tabletop Board Gaming


    Shakespeare in Modern Day

    The Original American Horror Story


    Teens on Screens

    Ultimate Frisbee


    The Art of Learning through Chess

    Women’s Self Defense


    Theatre for All

    Workout Walking and Reflective Thinking





  • May Term for All Registration Information timeline:


    Feb. 7  -  Information Session
    Collab Time  in FICK
    Feb. 7 - Juniors Only
    Registration Opens 7:00 pm 


    Feb. 14 -  Information Session
    Collab Time FICK
    Feb. 14 - Sophomores Only
    Registration Opens at 7:00pm

    February 28th - Registration Closes at 3:00pm