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Meal Fund

Students eat lunch outside.

Edina Public Schools created the Meal Fund to ease the burden of school meal debt on families in a time of crisis, such as employment instability, illness, death or food insecurity. 

In Edina, 8.7 percent of EPS students qualify for free or reduced cost meals. 28 percent of households are cost burdened, which means cost of living outpaces income (MN Compass). We can work together to support our families and our community.

  • The number of vulnerable families is significantly higher than reported
  • These students are one crisis away from food insecurity resulting in school meal debt
  • The Meal Fund is a sustainable community-sourced funding solution
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Donate to the Meal Fund

Important Donation Information

To ensure your donation makes it to the Meal Fund, type "Meal Fund" into the "Any additional information about your gift" box.

How has EPS addressed this issue?

Historically, PTOs, principals and staff have been key partners in assisting families in crisis. In 2016, EPS created Meal Fund, which enabled graduating students to gift the surplus from their meal accounts. Then in 2018, EPS created the option to donate directly to the Meal Fund.

How can you help?

Support the Meal Fund today with a donation. Our fiscal sponsor, the Edina Education Fund will direct your tax-deductible gift to benefit current EPS students and families.

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