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    Technology is increasingly being used to help Edina students and families accomplish the district mission of learning 21st century skills. In order to help promote the use of technology within the Edina Public Schools, District Media and Technology has implemented a wireless access to the Internet to allow any device that can access a wi-fi network and utilize a web browser to work within our Edina-Open wireless network. More information about our eLearning2 Initiative can be found here.

    Minimum Specifications

    If you are purchasing a new device and wish to have your child to be able to use it for several years, we recommend a faster processor, additional memory, and 802.11n wireless card.

    Bring Your Own Laptop Minimum Requirements




    Processor Speed

    i5 Core Series

    Core i5

    Dual Core 


    8 GB

    8 GB

     2 GB

    Hard Drive/Solid State Drive

    120 GB SSD

    120 GB SSD

    100 GB Cloud Storage, 16 GB Solid State Drive

    Operating System

    Windows 7, Windows 8


    Chrome OS

    Minimum Battery Life

    4 hours

    4 hours

    6.5 hours




    Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n)

    Virus Protection




    Additional Comments

        Requires wireless access for Wi-Fi only model

    Discounted Technology purchasing for Edina students and staff

    We have worked with our computer vendors to provide preferential pricing for certain computers. Below are links to websites where Edina parents and students can purchase “recommended” systems. These recommended systems have been tested and will work within our instructional technology systems. Please note that technical support for these purchases are provided directly by the vendor.

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