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    Update: The U.S. government announced in spring 2021 that it will allow districts nationwide to continue offering free meals to ALL students through June 2022. While this temporarily lessens the urgency of collecting funds for MealFund, we are still accepting (and grateful for) donations that will help  us meet future student and family needs. Thank you to the community for your incredible support!     – The MealFund Team.

    Edina Public Schools created the Meal Fund to ease the burden of school meal debt on families in a time of crisis, such as employment instability, illness, death or food insecurity. In Edina, 8.7 percent of EPS students qualify for free or reduced cost meals. 28 percent of households are cost burdened, which means cost of living outpaces income (MN Compass).

    We can work together to support our families and our community.

    • The number of vulnerable families is significantly higher than reported
    • These students are one crisis away from food insecurity resulting in school meal debt
    • The Meal Fund is a sustainable community-sourced funding solution

How has EPS addressed this issue?

  • Historically, PTOs, principals and staff have been key partners in assisting families in crisis.

    In 2016, EPS created Meal Fund, which enabled graduating students to gift the surplus from their meal accounts.

    Now, anyone can donate directly to the Meal Fund by clicking the green button below!

How can you help?

  • Support the Meal Fund today with a donation. Our fiscal sponsor, the Edina Education Fund will direct your tax-deductible gift to benefit current EPS students and families.

    Important Donation Information

    To ensure your donation is restricted to Meal Fund, select “Meal Fund” in the fiscal sponsorship drop-down menu on the donation link below. (Meal Fund is a fiscally sponsored group of the Edina Education Fund.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Despite the district’s diligent attempts to collect accounts in arrears, including adding a new phone call alert system this school year, significant debt exists on the district’s books. As of Dec. 1, 2017, that debt was approximately $17,000.

No. Edina Schools policy is to never turn a student away from a hot meal, however, for accounts in arrears they cannot receive additional entrees, “seconds,” snacks and a la carte items. This is concerning for students who may rely on school meals as their main source of food and nutrition.

Historically, PTOs, principals and other staff have assisted students and families on an as-needed basis. In addition, Edina Schools created the Angel Fund (now MealFund) by asking families of graduating students to donate the surplus from their meal accounts. Neither of these solutions are sustainable for this growing issue.

For those families meeting the income threshold, and with the time and resources to fill out the required forms every school year, yes, the free and reduced benefit covers the costs of school meals. However, many families live just above the income limit to qualify. In addition, food insecurity can occur suddenly due to illness, job loss or change in living circumstances.

Yes. While MealFund is part of Edina Public Schools, donations are made through the Edina Education Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization. Please consult your financial advisor or tax planner for your specific deduction.

  • Elementary schools - breakfast: kindergarten eats free; grades 1 to 5 meals are $1.60; lunch is $2.80; seconds and a la carte items priced separately.
  • Secondary schools - breakfast: $1.70; lunch combo: $2.95; premium combo: $3.50
  • Milk: 60 cents
  • Menus and item prices