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Accessing Internet

We recommend families who have a need for internet work through the Comcast Internet Essentials program at Families who receive assistance in the form of FRPM and families attending Title One schools automatically qualify for high-speed internet at $9.95 / month. There is no activation cost. The timeline from application to service set up is approximately one week.

Families who are unable to receive Internet Essentials but still have a need for assistance with internet access at home should contact

Not finding what you need? View our Learning and Technology Department page.




Seesaw is the standard tool being used from Early Learning to Grade 2. This tool serves as a way to communicate with your teacher, as well as for your teacher to provide instruction and activities for students. Useful tips can be found on Seesaw's site dedicated to remote learning.

Use the following links to download the Seesaw Family app:

Seesaw for Parents
Introduction to Seesaw


Schoology Logo

Schoology is your child's virtual classroom for Grades 3-12. Parents can access Schoology via the Parent Portal. Once in Schoology, parents should click Enrollments at the top of the screen (after selecting their child) rather than clicking Courses.

The following information can be found on Schoology:

  • Virtual classes

  • Calendar of upcoming academic information

  • Classroom assignments & activities
  • Upcoming announcements
Schoology for Parents
Schoology Notifications


IT Support

Help Desk

Technical Help

Parent Portal Help


District Owned Devices

Edina Public Schools is able to provide support services to students and families that require that support during this unprecedented time. By using district technologies, you agree to adhere to Policy 634 and follow information outlined in the Technology Loan Agreement Form. If you have a broken device and need a replacement, please email

Personal Devices

At this time we will not be repairing personal devices due to supply issues from vendors. We will keep your ticket open and reach out to you at a future date to start the process for repairing personal devices. Until that time, your student will use the district-issued device.

Schoology Note

Due to some content in Schoology being integrated from textbook companies, parents may not be able to view all the content that their student sees. We highly recommend that you sit with your child to have them show you their Schoology page, as you are trying to support them. This will not only allow you to see all of the information, but will empower your child to take ownership of their learning.