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COVID-19 Dashboard: 2021-22

At the end of September, Edina and Hennepin County were experiencing "substantial" transmission rates, and vaccination rates were below 85%. We continue to monitor transmission rates in our community and county, as well as transmission and vaccination rates in our schools. Updates are provided monthly at School Board meetings.

**Data will be updated Friday afternoons. Cumulative numbers represent totals from Aug. 30, 2021 to date of last update.

Students Fully Vaccinated (as of Nov. 19, 2021):

  • Gr. 9-12: 81.21%
  • Gr. 6-8: 70.82%
    *Note: The percentage of gr. 6-8 students fully vaccinated has decreased because the total number of students in those grades who are now eligible for vaccination has gone up.

Last updated: Nov. 23, 2021 (*Note: This is a 2-day school week due to the break)