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School Board policy 611 provides guidelines for parents who wish to have their children receive education in a home school.

For state home schooling forms and information, you may access Home Schooling on the Minnesota Department of Education website.

Any person who provides home school instruction to a child is required by law to notify the superintendent of the school district in which the child resides.

District Contacts

Phone: 952-848-3900
Fax: 952-848-3901

Randal Smasal, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent

Jane Wiegand
Departmental Specialist

Shared-Time Programs

Students who reside within the Edina Public Schools’ attendance boundaries, and who are registered with the district as non-public students (including homeschooled students), and are in compliance with the Minnesota Compulsory Instruction Law, may apply for limited shared-time enrollment privileges in Edina Public Schools. Students who wish to participate in shared-time enrollment must register as a student with the school district prior to attending any K-12 shared-time classes and programs.

Families applying for shared-time enrollment in Edina Public Schools will complete the shared-time program application and forward it to the student enrollment office for consideration. The timeliness of the district’s decision will be dependent on the actual student enrollment in the requested shared time program.

The district may limit enrollment of shared-time students in classes based on the capacity of a program, class, grade level, school building, and individual learning needs of each student. The school board and administration retain sole discretion and control over scheduling of all classes and assignment of shared-time students to classes. To be approved for a specific course, a shared-time student must have completed all prerequisite course requirements and may be required to demonstrate appropriate skills and/or knowledge levels.

When participating in a shared-time course, home-school students will be subject to all the same school and district policies, regulations, and rules which apply to public school students, including student rights and responsibilities, grading, and attendance and performance expectations. A high school student who is enrolled as a shared-time student does not qualify for an Edina Public Schools’ high school diploma, participation in honor rolls, and, other recognition available to full-time Edina Public Schools’ students.

Shared-Time Application